Beef Deposit - Half

Beef Deposit - Half

Deposit for Half Beef
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150$ deposit required to reserve your spot on our next available Half beef. Current Half Beef Price is $4.10/lb.  Average half a Beef is 350 lbs hanging carcass weight which will equate to approximately 190lbs of meat in your freezer after processing.


We will contact you when you place your order to let you know when the next availability is. 

Our 100% Grassfed and finished beef is our signature product and has amazing reviews from our customers. We take great pride in the humane treatment of our cattle and move them to fresh grass everyday during the growing season utilizing a rotational grazing management. We have a closed herd and raise our own calves from start to finish. All of our beef are fed non-gmo hay during the winter and organic kelp and salt for mineral. Animal welfare is our number one principal and we do not openly give any antibiotics or synthetic wormers to our herd. Our animals would meet Organic standards if our land was certified.