Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Quarter or Half Beef Cost?

Current Prices for 1/4 Beef: $3.50/lb hanging weight

Current Prices for 1/2 Beef: $3.25/lb hanging weight

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How much does a Half or Whole Pig Cost?

Current Prices for 1/2 Pig: $2.50/lb hanging weight

Current Prices for Whole Pig: $2.25/lb hanging weight

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When will my meat be available?

We let you know a general idea of when you products will be ready but nothing is confirmed until the butcher calls and says its ready for pickup.  Typically for beef this is two weeks after the processing date.  For pork it is usually around 10 day after being dropped off at the butcher.

What is "Hanging Weight"?

Hanging weight is the term used to describe the weight of the beef carcass after it has been slaughtered.  The Hanging weight is roughly %65 of the animals live weight.  The hanging weight is what is used to determine the consumer price for meat and processing costs. 

A quarter beef with a hanging weight of 175lbs will yield (actual meat you put in your freezer) approximately 125lbs of meat.  This is because of unnecessary bone and fat removal but is different for each customer depending on their cutting instructions.